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Dagmar's Tarots.
Only a great culture, such as that of the Circladores, could imagine commissioning a work of art that would showcase its limitations, joyfully mocking its myths, rituals, and debris. The legendary artist Donna Dagmar created a Tarot for every five-day week of the year, all in all there were 73 Tarots to be created, 73 austere columns to the Circlador temple that had to be signified and adorned. The grace and magical harmony that radiate from Dagmar’s Tarots are renowned the world over, as are the remarkable divinatory powers they possess, their incredible capacity to provide clues, to evoke places of the life and the mind with a lively and metaphorical style.


Return to Castlerama is the first act of a three-part Fantasy iPhone/iPad game set in the Gorendal Valley, a mysterious region with an intricate subterranean system of caves, tunnels and underground rivers. The valley is wedged between the Eumenitian Mountains and the volcanic complex of the Ganur, whose crater hosts a marsh system called the Great Muddy, that is in turn surrounded by the putrid MudWood forest...


Key features

Key features of Return to Castlerama include:

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The Book : Chapter 4

The Music


all soundtracks composed by Leandro Piccioni and Fernando Fera
orchestrations by Leandro Piccioni

Editing and mixing at Erewhon Studio Rome

Starting June 20th